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Hi Octane Direct
19-10-10, 08:59 AM
For many years we have taken pride in having a website that sold quality products and was backed up by knowledgeable staff that were available by phone or email to help you make the right decisions and sort any problems that may arise and earlier this year we took another big step with our latest Eshop www.hioctanedirect.com .

We are now taking a slightly different approach with an exciting new blogsite that will be filled with all sorts of juicy info that all of us car people love!!! We will be covering events that we attend and of course all the inside info on the Hi octane R34 GTR. We will be travelling with Jake Jones on his adventures in D1 New Zealand and take you behind the scenes and show you how some of the products we sell are actually made. We hope you like it!!! let us know what you think