View Full Version : Brett's - Ford 2005 F6 FPV - Stage 2 Kit

14-09-10, 12:22 PM
Brett's - Ford 2005 F6 FPV - Stage 2 Kit

IMS Custom tune
IMS 65LB hi-flow injectors
Cast alloy rocker cover garnish
Cast alloy intake plenum
Intercooler hoses
Cast alloy throttle body adaptor
Cast alloy thermostat housing
K&N air filter
Fibreglass air box
Dry Cell battery
IMS Custom 3.5" S/S Exhaust System
Over Boost Valve
Walbro In-tank Pump

Just one of our exciting builds - A huge amount of work went into the fitment of the Stage 2 Upgrade to maintain a FULL OEM appearance.
Stathi being as fussy as he is, took the time to modify various aspects of the kit as they were not up to his standards, due to lack of clearance around the intercooler and lower headlight where the pipework passes through. It was worth the extra work and the kit has performed as expected in the end and the results are nothing short of fantastic!

Netting a lazy 349RWK with a respectable 13lb from 2600 to 3800 with a rise to 15.5PSI through to the top. As you can see by the dyno sheet the
car was struggling for traction. Brett will be back in a couple of months when he's used to the car and we shall take it to and above the 400RWK mark.

The most exciting part is the launch of the new Heavy Duty Tail Shaft featuring 3000 series Unis which have replaced the vulnerable cv jonts as
well as an upgraded tailshaft cross member! IMS and Hardy Spicer have been working closely together in developing an affordable sturdy and reliable performance tailshaft.

These tailshafts will be available from IMS for the whole ford range.