View Full Version : Huge range of Xtreme Carbon Fibre multiplate clutches now in stock

Hi Octane Direct
03-09-10, 10:33 AM
Up until now to have clutch that would hold 1200hp plus and still retain some form of street drivabilty was something that was not really acheiveable. It was always a tradeoff and more often than not one or the other suffered. You simply cannot get a conventional ceramic type clutch with the pressure required to hold big horsepower to drive like a factory unit.
Well all that has now changed. The latest technology Xtreme units use "Carbon/Carbon" technology to create a clutch that in its highest format will hold well in excess of 1400 horsepower YET "your mother could drive it"
NO OTHER STYLE OF CLUTCH CAN MAKE THIS CLAIM. And now they are availble at a price comparable to a conventional mulitplate.
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