Twin Cammed Cordia

August 6th, 2002

The VR4 twin cam Cordia conversion is hard to go past if FWD's are your thing. Zoran however sold his 14.3 second 2ltr powered Cordia a couple of years ago in favour for a Nissan Pulsar ET turbo to try something different. The ET went alright and managed a 14.8 over the ¼ mile in non intercooled form, but just didn't match the top end pull from the Cordia. The new owner went on to compete in circuit sprint racing and ran very well doing so with the Cordia not missing a beat. Instead of pondering on what might have been, Zoran decided to rectify that decision and sold the Pulsar off to purchase another Cordia. This time, a Blue 1985 AB GSR model was chosen. Working at his Uncle's workshop (Quality Motors) certainly made things easier for future modifications. The standard Cordia 4G62 1.8ltr engine was chucked straight into the compactor in favor of the light years ahead in technology 4G63 2ltr engine. Zoran picked the import engine up and she popped straight in. Although not a new conversion, it's one of the more appealing for a FWD as it's a very easy power upgrade with the engine bolting straight up to the original Cordia gearbox.

The only change made when installing the engine was to fabricate a new top left hand engine mount. The 2ltr engine also benefits from a twin cam 16 valve head and a multi-point fuel injection setup. In standard intercooled trim these engines pump out around 200hp and can take quite a punishment. The engine itself is completely standard internally and still retains the standard Mitsubishi TD05 turbo and manifolding. An RPM Sprung centre button clutch was also fitted and seemed to hold up to the job fine when Zoran took me for a blast around the block. Rather than mucking around with the standard engine wiring loom, Zoran opted for a fully programmable aftermarket ECU in the form of a Microtech MT8 as this would make future modifications a lot easier. These engines are also equipped with an intercooler from the factory so the guys have fitted a large front mount unit. Helping the turbo breathe a little better is a pod filter and 2.5 inch exhaust system. A Turbosmart Type 2 Blow off Valve was also fitted. The current combination has turned the dyno rollers to the tune of 180kw at the front wheels consistently.

Zoran has attended the Calder Park Off-Street Drags on various occasions over the past season and the times just keep dropping to the point where Zoran's best is now 13.39 at 111mph in full street trim and exactly how Zoran drives it to work every day. The turbo makes 10psi in first and second gear, while in third gear the engine sees enough load to generate 15psi of boost pressure where it sure feels strong in the seat. Keen to see his name in the fullBOOST FWD top 10, Zoran has acquired himself a set of slicks as the 17inch Speedy rims on Silverstone tyres can only cope with so much power off the line. 60ft times are around the 2.1 second mark to date which is about the best anyone can hope for in a FWD on radial tyres. Other plans include stripping some weight from the car (spare wheel and parcel shelf etc) and playing around with the suspension settings to help combat the rear squatting under power. Stiffer springs are already installed to help in this area. The Cordia isn't exactly a show car but Zoran never intended it to be, going fast is more his game.

With the current combination and a bit more fine tuning Zoran would like to see the Cordia run into the low 12 second region, the MPH already achieved shows the car should easily run into the 12's given a bit more traction through the first 100ft of the track. The Cordia gearbox, although very sloppy in operation, can stand up to a bit of power which is backed up by Zoran having never broken one in either of his cars unlike a few of the older FWD turbo's from the 80's still getting around today. Surprising so given the way he selected the cogs with me in the car ;-) If you're interested in this conversion or another FWD conversion power-up give the guys at Quality Motors in Geelong a call.

Quality Motors
46 Autumn Street, Geelong 3218
(03) 5222 3664

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