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2000hp Holden Torana

In Drag by fullboost

One of the neatest Holden’s getting around the pro radial drag scene is Danny Busbridge’s 6-second LJ Torana. The car is exceptionally well finished off in all areas and is powered by …

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Angry Ford Man – BENCH TORQUE #34

In Bench Torque by fullboost

A fresh vid to keep you entertained during lockdown.😉 Get your LS, BARRA tees and stickers! If you’d like to be notified every time we upload a video, subscribe and then …

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How to build the ultimate HSV GTS

In Dyno, Feature by fullboost

If you follow the Melbourne street scene then you would have seen this 9-second HSV that we’ve featured previously on fullBOOST. Currently the quickest LSA powered GTS in Australia, we caught up …