Inside Sport Compact Drag Racing in Florida | A fullBOOST feature

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As long time fans of Sport Compact style drag racing, we have always wanted to head over to stateside Florida to attend the annual World Sport Compact Challenge held at Orlando Speed World, so when Australian bespoke parts manufacturer Billetpro asked if we were interested in tagging along, we jumped at the chance.

On a worldwide scale this is as good as it gets for Sport Compact fans, the racing atmosphere on and off the track second to none with so many evenly matched cars. Without doubt the most popular engine here is the simple twin rotor Mazda 13B, followed by the stout Toyota 2JZ six and 3RZ 4-cylinder, however there are also many other makes and models with Toyota Starlets, first gen RX-7’s and Datsun’s all representing.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank GRS Motorsports, Orlando Speed World and the team at Billetpro for allowing us to capture this event.

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