AWD Silvia 1/4 mile test

In Drag by fullboost

The last time we featured Jason Ruby’s Silvia he’s just completed a GT-R based AWD conversion to his already turbo 6 powered Nissan where the car cleaned up a field of V8’s winning King of the Street Ballarat. Since then, the R33 5-speed gearbox has been ditched in favour of a Powerglide 2-speed. This was the car’s first 1/4 mile test hit with the new transmission.

Engine wise it’s the same RB25/30 six and Precision 7675 turbo that’s good for around 900whp. This car will be one to look out for at this year’s Aussie drag week, Street Machine’s Drag Challenge.

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1990 Nissan Silvia S13 AWD
Nissan RB25/30 3.0L I6
CP Pistons, Spool rods, Tomei cams
Precision 7675 turb
o @ 32psi
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, E85 fuel
Powerglide 2-speed transmission
GT-R R32 differentials & transfer case
HSD coilovers, MT 255mm radials
Power: Approx 900hp @ wheels
Tuned by: Matt Sims Performance

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