40+psi BOOST Ford Barra dyno tuning

In Dyno by fullboost

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The Australian Ford Barra turbo 6 has quickly become one of the most proficient engines worldwide. In stock trim they are capable of repeatable high horsepower. Anel’s FPV F6 is testament to this. The Aussie 4 door recording sub 10-second ¼ mile passes using an unopened engine and factory stock rear end.

Looking for more, the Barra was strpipped down by Tunnel Vision and features a forged rotating assembly including custom SPS pistons and a billet crankshaft. The GT42 was flicked in favour of a larger Garrett GTX47 turbocharger along with a MoTeC M150 efi system and Jonny Tig intercooler.

We caught up with Anel at G-Force Race Solutions where Daniel Cassar from Springy Performance gave the tune up a tickle to see what this new combination was capable off.

2011 Ford FG FPV F6
Ford 4L Barra built by Tunnel Vision
Forged internals, billet crank
Garrett GTX4718R turbocharger
6Boost manifold, custom 4in exhaust
MoTeC M150 ECU,
AI E85 fuel system, 2400cc injectors
Tunnel Vision inlet manifold
Paul Rogers Powerglide transmission
Jonny Tig 1800hp intercooler
Tuned by Daniel Cassar from Springy Performance

BARRA tees!