How to make horsepower on pump fuel

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Horsepower levels that were once thought out of reach for street based naturally aspirated engines are now becoming reality thanks to Australian companies like Higgins Race Heads. Ongoing research and development has resulted in a proven 900 plus horsepower small block Ford capable cylinder head and intake manifold solution. Now it’s one thing to achieve this on race fuel but this combination is making the numbers on regular pump 98-ron unleaded petrol.

This 461-cubic inch street Windsor V8 was purposely built for these Australian manufactured Cleveland style heads by Melbourne speed shop Dandy Engines. It features a 13:1 compression ratio using forged Diamond pistons and Oliver connecting rods. With input from Gale Powley of GP Technologies, Higgins Race Heads offer both the head and intake CNC ported components straight out of the box, flowing well over 400cfm. It’s important to note that this is not a bespoke race cylinder head, but an off the shelf complete ready induction package for pump fuel street cars.

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